The ORwedbsieBIT-AF II registry began enrolling in February 2013. This multicenter, prospective outpatient disease registry evaluates the use of target-specific anti-thrombotic agents, such as FXa (factor Xa) inhibitors and direct thrombin inhibitors, and associated outcomes. The ORBIT AF II registry will permit the collection and analysis of post-approval observational data needed for evaluating the outcomes associated with these new agents when used in broader patient populations outside of clinical studies. The ORBIT-AF II registry will focus on patients with newly diagnosed atrial fibrillation (AF) as well as those who have been recently started on a target-specific oral anticoagulant agent.

Enrollment for the Orbit AF II Registry and SATELLITE Sub-Study finalized on July 12, 2016 with a total of 13, 415 patients enrolled; Of those 1005 are participating in the SATELLITE Sub-Study

For more information about the registry, visit clinicaltrials.gov.


The ORBIT-AF I registry is locked! This multicenter, prospective, outpatient, disease registry of patients with incident or prevalent AF analyzed treatment patterns and outcomes. For over four years, starting in June 2010, 175 registry sites enrolled 10,000+ patients as a nationwide collaboration to optimize outpatient management of patients with AF.

For more information about the registry, visit clinicaltrials.gov.

Taken together, the ORBIT-AF I and ORBIT-AF II registries will offer a broad and contemporary view of AF therapy.

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